CHIPOLBROK - America’s presence

CHIPOLBROK - America’s presence

May 11, 2021

Whilst China’s economy is booming there is also a growing demand for industrial and project materials in the American market. We are providing frequent services to ports in South and central America but also to USWC and USEC. The main challenge is how to get the vessels back in an economical way?

Therefore a few words about return shipments from US ports to China, Within the last few weeks we could observe increasing freight rates for bulk cargo, which remains main type of commodity obtainable from the US market fitting to our mpp vessels and mainly shipped by Chipolbrok from US Gulf / USEC to China in 2020 and 2021.

Recently our „NOWOWIEJSKI“ voy. 24 loaded 27,000ts of nickel ore from Santo Thomas de Castilla to Lianyungang whilst our „CHIPOLBROK MOON“ voy. 87 did 22,000ts minerals from Fairless Hills to Jinzhou. Especially the shipment of minerals was considered as a kind of "art of shipping" due to airdraft limitation on the way from Philadelphia to Fairless Hills. It required our Master on board and operators ashore to plan the passage under the bridge with a margin of several inches only !

The deck space of both vessels had been chartered out for yachts, which were shipped from Florida and the Carribean to several ports in West Coast of Mexico and Victoria (British Columbia). Proudly we can say not a single one lost during sea passage.
Due to very strong market in China it is of the highest importance to quickly reposition ships opened in America to Far East ports. The current cargo flow is overwhelming and customers are desperately looking for space availability for project and breakbulk cargo directed to USWC, US Gulf and USEC but also to WCSA. So our „CHIPOLBROK STAR“ voy. 52 carried on deck 4 units RTGs from Nantong to Callao.

Needless to mention that 1st quarter of 2020 was booming as far as containerized shipments were concerned and this trend will further continue at least until third quarter 2021. Despite containers are not the daily bread and butter for Chipolbrok. Althoughg our company supported various good clients in this field of activity, too. Main obstacle we face is big congestion in majority of Chinese ports, which prolonged overall voyage time and created certain gaps in scheduling. Certainly, we were not the only carrier affected by those difficulties.