Care, Feeding of Green Engines

Care, Feeding of Green Engines

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Your thoughts on new diesel engine technology have good timing ("Hold It," July 8). For many years I have followed diesel engine development, starting with a well-spent youth hanging around roundhouses where kindly electricians, foremen and mechanics started me in the trade.

Technology formerly applied only to high-output, military fast-attack craft and tank diesel engines now is being applied to automotive diesels. Beyond electronic fuel injection and turbochargers, there are intercooling, aftercooling (to compact more combustion air), split radiators for engines, turbochargers and exhaust (to reduce nitrogen dioxides!). All this is overlooked with electronic engine management.

Caterpillar and the others are darn right in asking for more time to develop new generations of automotive diesel. If the engine manufacturers are going to "get it right," they need research testing and development to produce "green engines." The truckers don't need to have these "green engines" wither on the "interstate vine."

David B. Williams

Chemical transportation


Railroad contractor

Maryland Heights, Mo.