Breakbulk Steel

Breakbulk Steel

Although it can also move in containers and on ro-ro vessels, steel of all shapes and sizes – coils, sheets, bars, pipe, etc., -- continues to be an important breakbulk cargo.


Will the Trump administration be able to convince a WTO panel of the correctness of its position to impose tariffs on steel and aluminum for national security reasons?

News & Analysis

30 Mar 2020
With information on ISPM 15 violations still difficult to come by, shippers are investigating and educating wood packaging materials (WPM) makers, increasing requirements for heat treatments, and turning to non-WPM materials for dunnage.
US steel imports increasing despite tariffs, quotas
28 Oct 2019
With imports on the rise, domestic US steel prices are rolling downhill in 2019 and analysts expect that trend to continue well into next year.
Breakbulk Americas, Oct. 2018.
16 Oct 2018
China and Russia are changing global trade rules and the global order in ways "detrimental to US security," a Trump administration document claims.