Boyce a 'Lap Dog'

Boyce a 'Lap Dog'

Copyright 2003, Traffic World, Inc.

In March 17's Traffic World, Clayton Boyce once again does his best to mislead your readers ("Big Lie"). Boyce quotes the Federal Railroad Administraton to assure your readers of remote-control safety - but it's the FRA that's falling down on the job.

The fact is remote control accidents are up and the government is doing nothing to ensure the safety of those who are most affected: the workers. Boyce also conveniently skips over one of the most important issues today: security. During this time of international crisis, the failure of railroads and the FRA to guarantee the safety and security of hazardous materials is not only short-sighted, it is downright dangerous.

Further, in his anti-union, anti-worker zeal, Boyce attempts to taint current Teamsters officials with the misdeeds of our predecessors. Boyce clearly knows that the Teamsters officials who made illegal campaign contributions in 1996, Ron Carey and Bill Hamilton among others, are no longer associated with the union.

But, of course, the facts never have stood in the way of Boyce's routine of serving as a lap dog for management.

Bret Caldwell

Director of Communications

International Brotherhood

of Teamsters

Washington, D.C.