Blaming the Victim

Blaming the Victim

Copyright 2002, Traffic World, Inc.

The Federal Railroad Administration has announced a workshop to inform freight railroads of the wonderful things in store for them if they only would take advantage of the Railroad Infrastructure Finance program administered by the FRA.

This is the same FRA (admittedly the administrator is different) that assisted the White House Office of Management and Budget in ignoring the will of Congress for more than two years by refusing to write and approve rules for implementation of the RRIF program - then produced draconian rules that make it virtually impossible for the intended railroads to qualify for the promised assistance.

The FRA, in announcing its workshop, says, "While a few applications are currently under review, the industry has yet to take full advantage of the program." This is the classic criminal defense lawyer tactic of making the victim the perp.

Lawrence H. Kaufman

Golden, Colo.