Bill Creating Transport Dep''t Signed

Bill Creating Transport Dep''t Signed

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Oct. 22, 1966

The bill to create a federal Department of Transportation was signed into law October 15 by President Johnson, but the department cannot actually become a Cabinet agency until the President ends the guessing game in Washington by appointing the first Secretary of Transportation.

Cleared October 13 by Congress and then signed in a White House ceremony attended by about 150 transportation leaders and congressmen, the Department of Transportation bill provides that the twelfth Cabinet department will come into being 90 days after the Secretary takes office, "or on such prior date after enactment of this act as the President shall prescribe."

? Designation of the first Secretary will be held up for more than a month since President Johnson is not scheduled to return to Washington from his Far East trip until November 2.

However, speculation in Washington now seems centered on three choices - Alan S. Boyd, Joseph Califano, Jr., and John W. Bush.