Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes

Copyright 2002, Traffic World, Inc.

Last week I gave you my list of some of the prominent names that I have in encountered in logistics and transportation in 2002. But behind the scenes there are names worth mentioning too. I can't list them all, but the folks who are involved in creating and getting Traffic World to you each week are a special bunch.

You may not have heard of India Jackson. She writes for Traffic World every week, and she's listed in the staff box on this page, but she never has a byline. India compiles our people news and calendar pages and manages biweekly speaker luncheons of the Transportation Table. These are just three tasks that she accomplishes on top of a very busy schedule as the office manager and human resources manager for the Washington bureau of not one but three magazines. And she gets all of that done as a part-time employee.

Then there's Joe DiMarino, or Joey D as we like to call him. If you bought this copy of Traffic World, I have him to thank. Joe is our circulation director and he's responsible for a 10 percent increase in this magazine's circulation over the last four months. He's a die-hard Baltimore Orioles fan living in a New York Yankees world. He even named his son after legendary Orioles third baseman Brooks Robinson.

Joe was promoted to director of circulation of all of the Commonwealth Business Media Inc. publications because he's earned the trust of President, CEO and Chairman Alan Glass. Alan just completed his first year of leadership of our publication and we have a lot to thank him for. Alan believes in the worth of Traffic World and came to our rescue in 2001 after our old corporate owner lost interest in the transportation and logistics arena. Now we're part of a first-class company that continues to grow with a hands-on CEO at the helm.

He's been with us for several years, but Tom Gallagher is still one of our newest staffers. He's in charge of many things: updating and maintaining our website, writing and posting daily news items, managing the many business relationships connected with our online business and moderating inane conversations we have in the newsroom each day.

Jay Sevidal is a blend of artist and machine, racehorse and draft horse, sports car and truck. As art and production director, he's in charge of making the magazine look great while making sure it gets to the printer on time. Often those tasks compete, but Jay, however overworked he is, always does well by Traffic World.

Steve Prince does double duty in suburban Atlanta offices as both director of advertising for this magazine and publisher of a sister magazine, Air Cargo World. With a staff of five, he brings in the advertising dollars that keep the rest of us working. If you ever meet Steve, you won't soon forget him. He's a big bear of a guy with an Alabama accent.

Alex Bilanow isn't an employee. He's a volunteer who is co-chairman of the Transportation Table, sponsored by Traffic World. But he is a transportation industry veteran, retired from a public relations position for TTX, the railroad car manufacturer. Alex's job is to book Transportation Table speakers and introduce the speaker at each lunch with his trademark quiet and dry wit. If a story says the newsmaker said his piece at the Transportation Table, Alex is the person who gave him his voice.

Finally, I am selfishly saddened to announce that one face behind the scenes here for 6 and a half years, Associate Editor Kristin Krause, is leaving us for greener pastures. As anyone who has dealt with her knows, Kristin is a very good reporter and a joy to work with. She will be sorely missed. Please join me in congratulating Kristin and wishing her the best.

As we begin a new year, I'd like to say thanks to these folks, just a few of the people who make Traffic World possible. And like last week's list, this ain't everybody but there ain't nobody on it who don't deserve the best.