Back to Basics

Back to Basics

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Regarding the article "Logistics' Identity Crisis" (Aug. 30), I am in whole-hearted agreement that this industry has gotten away from the basics and that this will soon come back to haunt all the "sophisticated" logistics and supply chain management professionals, or whatever else they want to call themselves.

I have been in the transportation business for many decades and have spent the last 25 years teaching transportation, business logistics and management of loss and damage claims.

My classes consist of people from all parts of the discipline, from shippers to traffic managers to logistics "professionals." Unfortunately, it seems the more formal education people have in the "higher" and technological aspect of our business, the less they know of the basics of the business.

Colleges, by eliminating the basics of this business, have created the conditions that will soon bring to a head the carrier, driver and railroad crisis now facing our nation. I hope some companies send people to school to relearn how to deal with carriers and how they operate and what a released rate is.

Allan Lueb,

Adjunct professor,



Holyoke Community College

Holyoke, Mass.