Applying the Rules

Applying the Rules

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For some reason Colin Barrett is either forgetting about or does not feel the NMFC item 171 "Application of Classes - Artificial Construction of Density to Obtain a Lower Class (Bumping)" is appropriate for the situation described in his article (When Lower Rate is Higher Class, Dec. 17, 2007). As long as the shipper follows several rules (refer to Item 171, actual cube, actual weight, density group, declared density and declared weight on the bill of lading), he or she certainly may increase the weight on a shipment to obtain a lower classification.

In the particular case that is presented by Colin, the carrier is certainly correct and the shipper was trying to get away with bumping without the proper declarations on his/her bill of lading.

But I would think this product is conducive to the NMFC Item 171 Bumping Rule, thereby saying that from a legal point of view, the shipper is allowed to increase the weight of the shipment on the original Bill of Lading to realize a lower class rate.

Dave Harper

Vice President

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Buffalo, N.Y.