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Shenzhen, China — Not many competitors in the rough transportation market would think of FedEx as a company that wants to “co-exist in a peaceful environment.” But that’s how t

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17 Feb 2012
Employers across the U.S. are struggling with a paradox: Despite high unemployment, they’re having a tough time hiring the right person for the right job.
13 Feb 2012
The Transport Workers Union of America and the Communications Workers of America are teaming up on bargaining and organizing efforts at airlines.
13 Feb 2012
The Federal Aviation Administration will finally be able to bring the country’s air traffic control systems into the modern era, but only after fighting through some long-standing conflicts.
02 Feb 2012
After five years and 23 extensions, authorization of Federal Aviation Administration operations could clear Congress as early as this week.
07 Jan 2012
YRC, looking to restructure its operations as the trucking operator seeks to rebuild its finances, is preparing for talks with the Teamsters union on a redesign of its freight terminal network and how
27 Dec 2011
The union representing FedEx Express pilots says it is “outraged at the casual dismissal of cargo pilots and their families” in the
01 Dec 2011
Shipper and transportation groups are increasing pressure on Congress to avert a potential national rail stoppage, as the deadline for striking an agreement with two unions nears amid the peak holiday
29 Nov 2011
The parent of American Airlines, the nation’s third-largest airline, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on Tuesday and began an overhaul of its management, labor relations and operations
08 Sep 2011
Candidates for top office in the Teamsters union battled over the fate of multiemployer pension plans, jobs and organizing and concessions to employers Sept.
07 Sep 2011
The July figures from the Labor Department included 551,000 job openings in trade, transportation and utilities industries, a 33 percent increase from a year ago.
16 Jun 2011
Air Canada and the Canadian Auto Workers reached a tentative agreement Thursday, just hours after the federal government introduced back-to-work legislation.
14 Jun 2011
Air Canada’s 3,800 sales and service agents officially struck at 12:01 a.m. Tuesday, marking the national airline’s first major strike in 13 years.
13 Jun 2011
Canada’s 10-day series of rotating postal strikes mushroomed Monday to 10 cities in seven provinces as a potentially more damaging strike at Air Canada loomed for midnight.
03 Jun 2011
Freight transportation employment was virtually flat last month while a closely watched survey of non-manufacturing activity showed a sharp drop in import growth.
03 Jun 2011
The first of 48,000 Canadian postal workers launched a series of rotating city-area strikes in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Friday while their union and Canada Post planned last-ditch meetings for later in the
18 Apr 2011
Heathrow airport cargo workers are voting Monday on strike action in a dispute over the use of agency staff and new labor contracts.
06 Apr 2011
Aircraft mechanics represented by the International Brotherhood of Teamsters Wednesday voted overwhelmingly to ratify a labor agreement with UPS.
15 Mar 2011
The Coast Guard is seeking comment on a proposal for the voluntary use of equipment to read Transportation Worker Identification Credentials.
14 Mar 2011
The U.S.
17 Feb 2011
Congress is taking steps to complete legislation that gives operating authority to the Federal Aviation Administration, after 18 attempts to approve the last reauthorization, which expired in 2007.
07 Jan 2011
The transportation and warehousing sector added 8,800 jobs in December, the Labor Department said, as part of a total 113,000 private industry jobs created last month.
03 Jan 2011
With a court win in hand, the carrier has freer rein to manage pricing and services across its business units
16 Dec 2010
FedEx reported its net profit fell 18 percent in the quarter ending Nov. 30 to $283 million as rising costs and stagnant U.S.
15 Dec 2010
A federal judge's ruling for FedEx in a series of lawsuits claiming the company misclassified package drivers as independent contractors strikes a serious blow to attempts to have the workers labeled
22 Nov 2010
The U.S.
05 Nov 2010
United Parcel Service and the Independent Pilots Association, the collective bargaining unit for its 2,800 pilots, Thursday signed a memorandum of understanding that establishes joint UPS/IPA Safety a
11 Oct 2010
President Obama called Monday for sweeping investment in infrastructure, putting new urgency to his pledge of more funding and jobs through a broad national plan for transportation.
11 Oct 2010
Whoever YRC Worldwide picks as its next chairman will have to answer to a higher authority: the Teamsters union.
02 Oct 2010
The U.S.
27 Sep 2010
Warnings of an impending shortage of drivers may be spreading through the trucking industry and its shipping customers, but there’s no sign of the problem at the central Pennsylvania headquarter
08 Sep 2010
The National Association of Manufacturers, a major industrial lobbying group in Washington, D.C., launched an advertising campaign to head off new energy taxes after
07 Sep 2010
President Obama said he wants long-term transportation legislation to include a permanent infrastructure bank that can make investments outside regular state formulas, and to put his passenger rail pr
07 Sep 2010
Industry groups were scrambling for details on how the administration expects to develop the $50 bil
07 Sep 2010
President Obama proposed to spend $50 billion to "jumpstart" construction of roads, railways and airport runways, the White House said, and pair it with "a long-term framework to reform