Panel products

Wants medium density fiberboard. Quantity: minium 10-30 containers. Quality: premium. Packaging: containers. Delivery: monthly. Quote: cif Taiwan. Bank ref: First Commercial Bank, Hwa Nan Commercial Bank, Taipei.Contact: Mr. Chao Shan-hsiung, Long Kwang Fancy Plywood Co., 3 Lane 161 Hwa Cheng Road Hsin, Chung City, Taipei, Taiwan. Tel: 02-992-6408. Telex: 31167 LKFPC.

USDA Ref: 0784-880404-583W0040


Sawn wood

Oak/ash/beech sawn timber. Importer/ wholesaler of timber/plywood and staple food products established in 1973 with annual revenue of US$12 million seeks U.S. suppliers. Quantity: about 500 cbm. Quality: rough sawn lumber with following sizes (in inches): 2 x 6; 2 x 8; 2 x 10; 2 x 12; 3 x 8; 3 x 10; 3 x 12. Packaging: 24, 36 or 48 pcs/bundle depending on size. Delivery: shipment

from U.S. ports within 90 days. Certificate of origin legalized by U.A.E. Embassy required. Quote: c&f Dubai, U.A.E. Bank ref: British Bank of the Middle East, Main Branch, Dubai.

Contact: Mr. K. Sethuraman, Evershine Oriental Est., P.O. Box 3307, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Telex: 45630 SHINE EM. Fax: (9714) 223138. Tel: 238415.

USDA Ref: 0808-880404-519C0118

United Arab Emirates