Emerging Supply Chain Risks: Potential Damages and Mitigation Strategies

According to a recent Zurich Insurance Group survey, 73% of organizations recorded at least one supply chain disruption in 2012, with unplanned IT or telecom outages the lead culprits. And, in 2012, global supply chain crime amounted to $21.5 billion in losses.

As supply chain complexity increases, addressing all of the risks that make your supply chain vulnerable is impossible without the proper tools and support. Why? Today’s supply chains go beyond just cargo: they include critical infrastructure such as power grids, communications, IT, assets and service.

This combined with the demand for low-cost supply chain logistics and transportation, and the need for greater supply chain efficiency, can lead to inconsistently enforced security procedures and a supply chain less flexible to stresses and disruptions.

Learning how to effectively protect and manage your supply chains via automation, and productively respond to stresses, can yield important benefits. 

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