Aberdeen's Insights into the Rising Importance of Foreign Trade Zones

With 85% of companies engaged in overseas operations, changes in labor rates and fluctuating fuel prices can have a major impact on profits and the global economy. That’s why it’s no surprise that over 76% of companies are reassessing their inbound supply-demand network to consider Foreign Trade Zones (FTZs).

This brand new report from the Aberdeen Group, Advancing Global Trade: Foreign Trade Zone Solutions Revealed, highlights the rising importance of cross-border trade, reshoring, and FTZ solutions in today’s global supply chain. Key themes include:

  • The strong correlation between FTA/FTZ automation and superior supply chain performance
  • Mission-critical features and functions required of an FTZ solution
  • Five key process steps you should take to join the FTZ leader ranks

Learn how you can achieve superior supply chain performance with an FTZ solution – download your complimentary copy today!

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