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Seattle and Tacoma took a big hit in the first quarter as its market share among Canadian Pacific Northwest ports took a dive amid longshore labor disruption.

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There is no easy or single solution to what many believe is a worsening truck driver shortage in the U.S., but that’s not stopping motor carriers and their customers from escalating their response.
With the expanded Panama Canal set to open in a year and shippers frustrated with West Coast delays, Florida is pitching itself as an international container import gateway. But the Sunshine State...
Beach ship breaking operation
In a possible sign that environmental agendas may soon creep into ocean carrier contracting, 32 BCOs as a group signed a statement condemning beach ship breaking in India, Bangladesh and Pakistan.
port activity at Oakland, California, SSA Terminal
There is no more urgent question facing West Coast port directors in the aftermath of the devastating labor standoff than how to restore the trust of beneficial cargo owners. Yet with it being...
More than five weeks after West Coast longshoremen and waterfront employers reached a tentative contract, the Port of Oakland is still trying to regain the vessel calls it lost.
As ships get bigger and productivity fails to improve, the industry is digging itself into a hole from which it is increasingly difficult to escape.
Nike had a strong winter in North America thanks to robust consumer demand, but it would have had an even better one were it not for the West Coast labor standoff.
This year’s TPM Conference will probably always be remembered as the event that took place within weeks of the conclusion of the most bruising West Coast labor negotiations in recent memory —...
The number of incidents of U.S. cargo theft tracked by a company facilitating such information plunged 23 percent last year compared to 2013.
A proposed Hong Kong rule requiring use of low-sulfur fuel for ships while at berth — a less stringent rule that those applied in U.S. and some European waters — will take effect on July 1 if...