Understanding Logistics

Copyright 2008, Traffic World, Inc.

I enjoyed Traffic World''s Guide to Dedicated Contract Carriage that arrived with my Dec. 17 issue of Traffic World.

I agree that companies have a much greater opportunity to reduce costs by utilizing a combination of dedicated and private fleets or strictly utilizing dedicated fleets instead of operating a private fleet.

The personnel who were quoted in the guide as saying companies should focus on their core business are correct. However, I believe companies must have personnel at the executive level who have at least a basic understanding of logistics.

I have spent the majority of my career replacing third-party logistics providers not because the 3PLs were bad but because I felt in-house logistics expertise was the only way to change the culture and raise the level of importance that should be placed on logistics.

Logistics providers can certainly manage freight but they can''t change cultures and without proper executive support and understanding of logistics, 3PLs are incapable of fully applying all of their skills and capabilities to reduce costs and increase efficiencies.

Brittain Ladd

Manager of Logistics and

Transportation Strategy


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