Trucking Logistics

Such a move already has support on Capitol Hill, where lawmakers have been weighing options to strengthen Federal Maritime Commission safeguards against collusion among carriers in the world’s three major VSAs.

US and Mexican authorities have closed down the largest US-Mexico truck crossing point.

As a brokerage, Uber Freight wants drivers with trucks, not trucks without drivers.

'Driver-centric' brokerage aims to unlock small-carrier capacity for freight shippers and give truck drivers a new pipeline of freight to tap.

Although the harbor drayage community has known about the clean-truck mandate since 2008, only 46 percent of the trucks that pick up and deliver containers in Seattle and Tacoma are compliant.

“We’re angry that the port authority is acting like a real estate broker instead of trying to help the industry.”

A key driver in the increase is Russia’s new Platon toll system.

TCI’s fiscal year 2016 to 2017 consolidated net earnings increased nearly 44 percent.

In recent weeks some terminals have been struggling to handle a surge in new business.

Long-haul truckload operator launches final-mile service using straight trucks, team drivers.