Swift Transportation

08 Apr 2014
Contract truckload rates are set to rise higher than anticipated, BB&T says, as carrier try to recoup high costs and compensate for lower earnings following this winter's disruptive storms.
Schneider National is No. 2 in the JOC’s ranking of the Top 25 Truckload Carriers in 2013.
25 Mar 2014
When it came to expansion, the 25 largest truckload carriers idled their engines last year, increasing their combined revenue by just 0.6 percent to $25.6 billion. The growth they did enjoy came largely from acquisitions, a trend expected to continue in 2014 as truckload demand rises.
Swift Transportation
29 Jan 2014
Swift Transportation reported its net income in the fourth quarter of 2013 plummeted 17.2 percent year-over-year to $45.3 million...
23 Dec 2013
The 10 largest dedicated contract carriers increased revenue 3.9 percent in 2012, a big drop from a 17.5 percent surge in 2011. But their performance, which in part reflected weaker overall trucking demand in 2012 and a difficult comparison with the previous year’s strong gains in dedicated business, differed greatly from company to company.
16 Dec 2013
Dedicated contract carriage, long a “one-customer, one-fleet” business, is evolving beyond those roots as more complex, leaner supply chains recast shipper distribution models. Increasingly, shippers are deploying dedicated truck fleets alongside their own vehicles and for-hire tractor-trailers in “hybrid” freight networks that also might include intermodal rail as they seek the best way to deliver goods.
Knight Transportation truck
13 Nov 2013
The Journal of Commerce Truckload Capacity Index rose unexpectedly in the third quarter to a four-year high, but that doesn’t mean more tractor-trailers rolled onto highways and up to shipper docks. Instead, the leap in the index reflects a gathering concentration of capacity at the top of trucking’s food chain, as larger motor carriers acquire and absorb smaller companies to secure drivers, equipment and freight revenue.
Heartland Express truck cab
12 Nov 2013
Heartland Express, one of the most profitable truckload carriers in the nation, acquired fast-growing Gordon Trucking for $300 million in cash, assets and debt.
10 Oct 2013
Hub Group has lowered its expectations for the third quarter of 2013 to a range of 48 to 51 cents diluted earnings per share.
08 Aug 2013
Swift Transportation, the nation’s largest truckload carrier, expanded its refrigerated freight business by acquiring Cen
Swift Transportation truck
25 Jul 2013
Swift Transportation today reported its profit in the second quarter of 2013 was $42.9 million, jumping 27.4 percent from $33.7 million in the same quarter in the previous year.
Swift intermodal containers on a train
24 Apr 2013
Swift Transportation reported its profit in the first quarter of 2013 was $23.3 million, compared with $6.2 million in the first quarter of 2012.