Container Transportation Provider FW Trucking Completes Initial Customer Feedback Survey

May 9, 2013

SAUGET, Ill. — The container transportation experts at FW Trucking recently completed their first Net Promoter Score customer survey of the firm’s top-tier customers, according to Mark Cusumano, President and CEO of FW Trucking.

“We had a 45% response rate from the key contacts at our top-tier trucking customers who were sent the survey,” Cusumano said. “We truly appreciate the strong level of participation from our very best customers. We will use the results of this initial survey as a benchmark for future customer surveys and over the next few weeks, we’ll use the data we’ve gathered to target areas where we need to improve, based on what our customers have told us.”

FW implemented its program for ongoing customer surveys as part of its continuous improvement efforts linked to its open-book management system involving The Great Game of Business, which the company officially kicked off during Q4 2012.

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