Trac Intermodal

12 Mar 2014
TRAC Intermodal’s planned move into drayage is the first step in the company’s effort to expand its portfolio to provide “a broad suite of logistics services,” CEO Keith Lovetro said.
03 Mar 2014
TRAC Intermodal, the United States’ largest provider of intermodal chassis, plans to extend its services into drayage, said CEO Keith Lovetro.
09 Sep 2013
Hamburg Süd will implement a revised policy on chassis provision in the Charleston, S.C.; Jacksonville, Fla.; Savannah, Ga.; and Atlanta areas, effective Oct. 1.
12 Jul 2013
TRAC Intermodal has begun providing truckers with premium rentals of marine chassis equipped with radial tires, automatic pneumatic airing systems, LED lighting, ABS braking, GPS tracking and other features.