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ACT Research sees an increase in active truck capacity this year, in terms of the numbers of Class 8 tractors, the first since 2007 — good news for shippers.

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16 Jul 2014
TRAC Intermodal has launched a program to add or refurbish several thousand chassis in its Metropool, the largest chassis pool in the Port of New York and New Jersey.
June Class 8 truck orders in North America were 41 percent higher than in June 2013.
03 Jul 2014
June Class 8 truck orders in North America were 41 percent higher than in June 2013, alleviating what analysts believed would be a slowdown for the summer months.
CNG sign
26 Jun 2014
The next big thing in transportation isn’t drones, or driverless trucks, but natural gas-powered trucks, according to trucking and energy officials. But it could be many years before compressed or liquefied natural gas bumps diesel at the pumps.
13 Jun 2014
Direct ChassisLink Inc. plans on July 1 to launch a program to provide emergency road service to truckers using DCLI chassis that aren’t in cooperative pools.
04 Jun 2014
Available truck capacity will increase this year for the first time since 2007, though not by much, ACT Research predicts
03 Jun 2014
Unexpected shipment delays this week? Don’t be surprised if they’re attributed to a three-day, international truck and bus safety inspection blitz.
tractor trailer, car crash
28 May 2014
Can truck-mounted cameras help improve safety, train and retrain truck drivers and effectively improve driver retention at truckload carriers? Can they be used without invading a driver’s privacy? Or would onboard cameras push more drivers out of the trucking business?
16 Apr 2014
Smith Electric Vehicles, hailed by President Obama in 2010 for its help “setting a model” for a greener U.S. economy, stopped making or delivering trucks and vans late last year as it ran short on cash and failed to make a profit from its battery-powered vehicles.
14 Apr 2014
TUCSON, Ariz. — Booming U.S. oil and natural gas production is “one of the most underappreciated megatrends,” a senior equity research analyst told the Transportation Intermediaries Association conference here.
09 Apr 2014
Opponents of allowing larger and heavier trucks on the nation’s highways are already calling foul on a yet-to-be-released study by the U.S. Department of Transportation and want President Obama to put the research on hold.