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Supply chain sustainability
18 Mar 2014
The definition of “supply chain sustainability” has morphed significantly since it came into use 10 or 15 years ago.
MOL Comfort. Photo courtesy gCaptain.
24 Jul 2013
As the first quarter drew to a close, 2013 was shaping up as a year of paradoxes....
08 Jul 2013
Although further consolidation might benefit some less-than-truckload motor carriers — YRC Freight, for example — mergers are no panacea for the challenges facing LTL trucking. There may be smarter routes to growth that trucking companies, along with shippers and logistics partners, should explore.
08 Jul 2013
JOC Senior Editor William B. Cassidy interviews James Welch, CEO of YRC Worldwide, and hears his views on consolidation and pricing in the less-than-truckload industry.
UPS Freight trucks
10 Jun 2013
The latest round of general rate increases points to higher contractual pricing to come as LTL carriers seek to regain lost pricing levels.
21 May 2013
LTL Carrier YRC Freight began implementing a change of operations that will close 29 terminals, restructuring its nationwide network to gain efficiency.
10 May 2013
Revelations this week that YRC Worldwide had considered acquiring Arkansas Best, parent of ABF Freight System, earlier this year seemed to help both companies on Wall Street.
10 May 2013
The International Brotherhood of Teamsters blasted YRC Worldwide’s recent attempt to open acquisition talks with Arkansas Best, charging the less-than-truckload carrier with “interference in the collective bargaining process.”
James Welch, YRC
10 May 2013
YRC Worldwide was — and still is — interested in acquiring not just rival trucker ABF Freight System but its $2.1 billion parent company Arkansas Best, which includes Panther Expedited Services, YRC Worldwide CEO James Welch said.
ABF Freight System truck.
09 May 2013
Arkansas Best rejected an offer by YRC Worldwide, its largest unionized less-than-truckload rival, to purchase either ABF Freight System or the entire company.
YRC Freight trucks
03 May 2013
YRC Worldwide today reported a net loss of $24.5 million in the first quarter of 2013, improving from a net loss of $81.6 million in the first quarter of 2012.
YRC Worldwide's James Welch (left) and JOC Senior Editor Bill Cassidy
29 Apr 2013
Senior Editor Bill Cassidy interviews YRC Worldwide CEO James Welch, who is getting closer to his goal of returning the troubled less-than-truckload operator to profitability.