International Brotherhood of Teamsters

31 Mar 2014
Teamsters union officials are hailing a National Labor Relations Board district office’s ruling as a breakthrough in their effort to prove port drayage drivers should be classified as company employees.
YRC Worldwide
07 Nov 2013
YRC Worldwide has asked its International Brotherhood of Teamsters employees to engage in formal negotiations for a contract extension...
ABF truck.
31 Oct 2013
After months of difficult negotiations over regional supplements, ABF Freight Systems has a new five-year contract with the Teamsters and a 7 percent wage cut, effective Nov. 3.
Teamsters Canada Rail Conference logo
15 Oct 2013
The Teamsters Canada Rail Conference, which represents about 3,300 conductors, trainmen, yardmen and traffic coordinators at Canadian National...
ABF Freight System
09 Oct 2013
The International Brotherhood of Teamsters has mailed ballots to authorize a strike against ABF Freight System by its employees covered under the Central Region Local Cartage supplement.
17 Sep 2013
What do flight simulator technicians, hearse drivers, cheese cooks and yogurt processors, locomotive engineers and graphic artists have in common with truck drivers? Depending on whom they work for, they all may be Teamsters.
17 Sep 2013
The Teamsters’ game plan to organize owner-operator drayage carriers is much more diverse than it was five years ago, when the union threw its weight behind the Port of Los Angeles’s clean trucks plan, beginning its foray to organize harbor truck drivers, some of the lowest-paid workers in the transportation industry.
17 Sep 2013
Prior to federal deregulation of the trucking industry in 1980, relatively few large motor carriers dominated harbor drayage, and most of those companies had Teamsters drivers. After deregulation, thousands of smaller trucking companies entered harbor trucking. In the cutthroat-pricing environment that evolved, trucking companies relied increasingly on independent contractors to haul containers to and from the ports.
13 Sep 2013
What keeps truckers awake at night? Lately, the prospect of federal "guidance" on sleep apnea testing and treatment for truck drivers.
13 Sep 2013
A federal court in late August left ABF Freight System with a clear choice: the less-than-truckload carrier could drop its struggle to wring $750 million in damages from the Teamsters union and YRC Worldwide, or try to appeal again after having its lawsuit challenging three rounds of union concessions at its competitor dismissed three times in as many years.
09 Sep 2013
New Jersey’s Gov. Chris Christie has vetoed the Truck Operator Independent Contractor Act, which would have reclassified port truckers and parcel delivery truckers as employees...
04 Sep 2013
ABF Freight System’s $750 million lawsuit against the International Brotherhood of Teamsters and YRC Worldwide has again been rejected by a federal court.