Drayage is the retrieval of shipping containers from ports and hauling them to inland locations such as rail heads, distribution centers, or stores. It is one of the most important, yet fraught, parts of the supply chain. Many ports in the U.S. struggle to position chassis efficiently, and chassis shortages are a key contributor to port congestion. The issue of chassis maintenance and repair is also a sticking point in employer negotiations with longshore labor unions.


Port cartage is the weakest link in the international supply chain, and the final miles from port to customer may soon become the longest and hardest of them all.

News & Analysis

04 May 2016
India shippers will have to pay more when their trucks get to Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust.
03 May 2016
The Port of Oakland is doing its part to reduce truck congestion with a subsidy program.
03 May 2016
DP World-operated Chennai Container Terminal said it has made significant progress in easing truck bottlenecks that have long plagued India’s second-largest public container gateway and busiest gateway on the east coast.
25 Apr 2016
A mobile phone app developed by an Oakland trucker to make it easier to exchange empty equipment outside of the harbor can potentially reduce congestion at the port’s marine terminal gates, the designer of the product stated.
22 Apr 2016
The onset of new resin production in the Gulf Coast region will be good news for Gulf Winds International. The Houston-based distribution company expects booming petrochemical plant construction in the region to lead to a surge in containerized exports and transloading.
21 Apr 2016
Global Container Terminal on the Jersey City-Bayonne, N.J. border closed mid-morning Thursday and will stay closed throughout the day, after a tractor-trailer struck two people standing alongside a line of trucks, killing a driver and injuring a second man.
21 Apr 2016
The visionary Global Trade and Logistics Complex that will revolutionize the transfer of cargo between vessels and truck and rail transportation on the West Coast is taking shape in the middle of the Port of Oakland.
18 Apr 2016
Logistics providers out of Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust are again reporting long truck lines and frequent gate closings at terminals in India’s busiest public container gateway, reminiscent of the gridlock in the second half of last year following labor disruptions that diverted some cargo to nearby private, or minor, ports.
18 Apr 2016
Jeremy Haycock, senior vice president and chief marketing officer, DCLI, chats with JOC Senior Content Editor Alessandra Barrett at TPM 2016 about changes within the marine chassis industry over last two years as steamship lines have stepped back, changing long-established practices and forcing stakeholders to adjust to a new reality.
15 Apr 2016
JOC Senior Content Editor Alessandra Barrett and Senior Vice President and COO of DCLI Ron Joseph sat down with each other at TPM 2016 to chat about the importance of chassis pools in the Los Angeles-Long Beach complex and how chassis providers use data to maximize productivity.