TRANSFLO Now!™ - Anywhere, Anytime Scanning from Pegasus TransTech Provides Drivers Ease & Convenience

TRANSFLO Now!™ - Anywhere, Anytime Scanning from Pegasus TransTech Provides Drivers Ease & Convenience

Tampa, Fla. – November 30, 2010 – TRANSFLO Now!, anywhere, anytime scanning from Pegasus TransTech, provides long-haul truck drivers a convenient, easy way to transmit delivery documents using their own PC and has resulted in decreased DSO (Days Sales Outstanding) for top fleets that have implemented the solution.

TRANSFLO Now! empowers drivers to scan and transmit delivery documents electronically from their truck cabs, home offices, or any internet-connected computer.

Using TRANSFLO Now!, a driver can immediately send delivery documents for processing and billing as soon as they are signed. The time saved further reduces DSO for their fleets and speeds cash flow.

TRANSFLO Now! is used by the drivers of many of the nation’s best known carriers, including Dart Transit Company, Prime, Celadon, Crete Carrier Corp., and hundreds of others.

Top-twenty carrier Celadon Trucking of Indianapolis, Ind., recently introduced TRANSFLO Now! to its 3,000-power-unit Fleet.

“TRANSFLO Now! comes in as though from a truck stop (scan station). It’s transparent to our users,” said Mike Gabbei, Celadon’s chief information officer. “Beyond that it's providing a driver convenience. If a driver cannot get to a truck stop he can send from the convenience of his home or from the cab.”

Setting up and using TRANSFLO Now! is a simple process. The software is free for drivers to download and easy to install. Users receive a confirmation number via email to view their documents online at Users have a document history review screen to view the status and history of all past transactions.

“I wanted to know how complicated this would be, and I am not an IT person,” said Joanna Bradeen, chief financial officer of Hartt Transportation, a 585-truck fleet based in Bangor, Maine.

“It took me 15 minutes. That included un-boxing the scanner, hooking it up to my laptop, downloading the software, and then running documents through the scanner. TRANSFLO Now! is very, very user friendly.”

“TRANSFLO Now! provides our fleet customers and their drivers extra speed, convenience, and flexibility for getting proof of delivery documents into billing and payroll,” said Bob Helms, chairman and CEO of Pegasus TransTech. ”With the option of scanning from the cab, from home, or from anywhere else the driver has access to a PC and scanner, Pegasus TransTech provides a complete end-to-end document management solution. Drivers want total convenience and we have responded with TRANSFLO Now anywhere scanning, TRANSFLO Express truck stop scanning, TRANSFLO Kiosk Scanning and TRANSFLO Terminal Scanning. The complete solution has a robust back office document management and workflow system for carriers of all sizes.”

Pegasus TransTech is the leading provider of document management software, workflow management solutions, and truck stop scanning to the transportation industry.

About Pegasus TransTech
Pegasus TransTech Corporation helps transportation companies go paperless, improve operating efficiency, speed cashflow, increase profit, and drive consistent, repeatable results by strategically creating images, electronic forms, and Enterprise Workflow Solutions. TRANSFLO® software provides the back office solutions for document management and electronic workflow. TRANSFLO Express® truck stop scanning from Pegasus TransTech provides same-day access to a trucker’s over-the-road delivery documents which speeds driver pay and the carrier’s billing cycle. TRANSFLO Now!™ “Anywhere Scanning” provides in-cab, at-home, and over-the-road scanning options to drivers and agents for a convenient, easy way to electronically transmit delivery documents instantly.

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