Attendee Fees

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BCO/Shipper rates are applicable to any company which owns the goods which are being shipped. For more information about these rates, please visit our FAQ section

Early Bird Rates - Valid through January 18, 2013
Full pass JOC members $875.00
Full pass new/renew $1,270.00
Full pass non member $1,450.00
BCO/Shipper full pass JOC members $625.00
BCO/Shipper full pass new/renew $1,045.00
BCO/Shipper full pass non member $1,195.00
One day passes Monday $650.00
One day passes Tuesday $650.00
Regular rates for 2013 - Valid from January 19, 2013 to March 2, 2013 
Full pass JOC members $1,035.00
Full pass new/renew $1,435.00
Full pass non member $1,595.00
BCO/Shipper full pass JOC members $800.00
BCO/Shipper full pass new/renew $1,100.00
BCO/Shipper full pass non member $1,300.00
One day passes Monday $700.00
One day passes Tuesday $700.00
Onsite - Valid from March 3, 2013
Full pass JOC members $1,135.00
Full pass new/renew $1,435.00
Full pass non member $1,695.00
BCO/Shipper full pass JOC members $900.00
BCO/Shipper full pass new/renew $1,200.00
BCO/Shipper full pass non member $1,400.00
One day passes Monday $800.00
One day passes Tuesday $800.00