ANTHONY J. TOZZOLI, president of the New York Shipping Association, is not one to look a challenge in the face and let it go by. So last week when we printed a poem by Thomas W. Gleason, International Longshoremen's Association president, that tended to cast some of the blame for last month's three-day strike on the reticence of Mr. Tozzoli to speak out, we knew it would be only a matter of time before we heard from Mr. Tozzoli.

Mr. Gleason's own poem was inspired by a ditty worked up by James A. Satterfield, manager of export services with Hercules Inc. and printed in this column Oct. 30. When the ILA strike occurred without much warning, Mr. Satterfield was so upset that he could not sleep. At 3 a.m. he got out of bed and wrote his poem and then "slept like a baby. Greg Storey, head of PR for NYSA, assures us that Mr. Tozzoli dashed his poem off during a coffee break while in negotiations with the ILA.Shippers sat in wonder

As dockers hit the bricks;

But New York had no reason

To be in such a fix.

Tiered wage was the issue

That caused the three-day walk.

But New York had accepted one tier,

So New York did not balk.

And when that spat was settled,

By parties out of state,

Tozzoli said: "Let's bargain;

"Let's fish or cut the bait."

Then at last came settlement.

The smoke cleared; all could see;

That both sides had to work as one

For New York to compete.

The good of all this, as we see it, is the hope that those who can rhyme together might learn to reason together as well.

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