THE METS IS DEAD," proclaimed Leo Durocher early in 1969 when his Chicago Cubs were 'way out front in the National League pennant race. Well, the New York Mets won it all that year, and Mets fans never let Durocher live it down until the day he died.

This year, the Mets and the Boston Red Sox looked dead for awhile during their championship series against the Houston Astros and California Angels. But both came back from the dead and they're in the World Series, which continues in New York this weekend.It looked bad for the Mets after they lost the first two games to the Sox, in New York yet. But then the Mets came alive and won the first two games in Fenway Park, to assure a finish of the best-of-seven series in Shea Stadium.

In the political arena, similar mistaken forecasts have been made about politicians and their parties.

Remember how everyone said the Republicans were finished after the Watergate scandals and President Nixon's demise?

The GOP came back and Ronald Reagan has presided over the nation for six years. He still has a chance to be the first president since Eisenhower to complete two terms.

Now of course things look bleak for the Democrats. Although they control the House of Representatives and might regain control of the Senate in the Nov. 4 elections, their prospects seem none too good in the 1988 presidential race.

But don't count them out. If they don't come back in '88, they will in '92 or '96. You can bet on it.

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