When the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration created the Compliance Safety Accountability program, there was a lot of uncertainty about how the new rules would impact the transportation indust

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Logistics services company Transplace is expanding from its trucking base into intermodal rail by merging with intermodal marketer Celtic International.

The CEOs of most logistics providers are bullish about the financial prospects of their companies over the next one and three-year periods and are most optimistic about business in Asia, according to

Transplace’s purchase of SCO Logistics is aimed at bringing revenue, expanded services, new customers and new talent to the Dallas-based logistics operator.

Flooding along the Rio Grande and other rivers in Texas and northern Mexico is playing havoc with cross-border freight traffic, causing delays at truck crossings in Laredo, Texas, and forcing truckers

The truckload carrier owners of Transplace sold the third-party logistics and technology operator to a New York-based private equity firm, the companies announced Tuesday, saying the deal will allow n