South America Trade & Logistics

Between 1986 and 2010, Latin America's share of global exports increased from 4.4 percent to 6.9 percent, according to the World Bank, but underdeveloped infrastructure places even its fastest-growing nations — Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Peru — at a competitive disadvantage.

News & Analysis

31 Mar 2014
It’s not fiesta time for shippers or carriers south of the border — south of the Panama border,
10 Jul 2013
Dockworkers at the Brazilian port of Santos walked off the job but ended the protest early, with plans to strike again tomorrow, Reuters reports.
DHL hub in Cincinnati (Kentucky)
04 Jul 2013
DHL’s hub at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky airport joins DHL’s two other super-hubs in Leipzig and Hong Kong as the international gateways for air cargo trade in those regions. CVG (the symbol for the Cincinnati airport, which is actually in Kentucky) is the gateway for the transshipment of DHL cargo moving to and from Latin America and the rest of the world.
Port of Buenos Aires
04 Jul 2013
Landside port access is a problem in Brazil, which, like most countries in South America, failed to invest in infrastructure when times were good before the Great Recession. Brazil and the other countries south of Panama also failed to diversify their economies away from raw materials exports, so now that their major export markets in Europe, the U.S. and China are slowing, trade is suffering.
21 May 2013
DAF Trucks has selected DB Schenker in Brazil as its logistics service provider.
20 May 2013
Zim Integrated Shipping Services will boost rates for all shipments on its trade from Asia to the east coast of South America, starting June 15.