Hong Kong Strike

Ma;p of Hong Kong

Strikes and demonstrations by dockworkers at the Port of Hong Kong are targeting facilities operated by Hongkong International Terminals, a subsidiary of Hutchison Port HoldingsTrust. HIT operates five terminals in Hong Kong, including Container Terminal 8 East, a joint venture with Cosco.

The dockworkers on May 6 voted to end the strike, which had disrupted operations for six weeks.

News & Analysis

15 Apr 2014
Hongkong International Terminals (HIT) said port operators, contractors and workers — who have reached a settlement in wage negotiations that will give dockworkers a potential increase of 10.1 percent — were “all in the same boat” and would have to work together if the port was to remain competitive.
01 May 2013
Hutchison Port Holdings Trust reported its profit for the first quarter of 2013 fell to HK$642.0 million (approximately US$82.7 million), down 6.5 percent from HK$686.7 million in the same period a year ago.
29 Apr 2013
Dockworker unions at the heart of a five-week strike at the Port of Hong Kong hinted they might downgrade pay demands, providing the government with some hope that talks scheduled for Tuesday may yield an agreement.
25 Apr 2013
Ka-shing Li, a Chinese billionaire with investments in container port facilities around the world, including in Hong Kong, has moved to end a four-week strike at his docks in Hong Kong by hiring new workers...
HIT cranes
21 Apr 2013
As the Hong Kong dockworkers’ strike for better pay and working conditions enters its fourth week, some analysts believe there could be long-term economic repercussions for the city and port.
18 Apr 2013
A strike by dockworkers at Hongkong International Terminals is entering its third week, but, despite the size and importance of Hong Kong as a gateway to China, the job action so far has had minimal impact on imports and exports at U.S. ports.