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24 Aug 2016
Tighter global emission standards on container ships are giving birth to a new vessel type designed specifically to ply the Irish Sea.
14 Jan 2016
Money, environmental and labor issues are complicating the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey’s effort to replace or retrofit old trucks with newer, less-polluting engines.
28 Dec 2015
UPS is expanding its fleet of vehicles running on sustainable fuels in the South by using renewable natural gas to fuel more than 140 trucks in Memphis, Tennessee, and Jackson, Mississippi.
24 Dec 2015
NFI Industries has expanded its natural gas fueled truck fleet with the addition of 12 compressed natural gas trucks to its Central Florida fleet.
22 Dec 2015
The curved bow of a container vessel recently deployed by a Japan container line promises to burn 5 percent less bunker fuel than conventional vessels of its size that don’t take inspiration from airplane noses.
22 Dec 2015
The impact of China’s decision to create Emission Control Areas to combat air pollution will be cushioned by low fuel prices and its focus on compliance while at berth rather than sea until 2019.


China finally bit the bullet and issued national rules to curb emissions from ships at its main port areas.

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