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Ships at berth at the Port of Long Beach, such as the one pictured, are able to plug into shore-supplied power, which is known as cold-ironing, as part of the port's pollution reduction efforts.
25 Aug 2016
The congestion that crippled West Coast ports in 2015 temporarily derailed the progress in reducing pollution at the Port of Long Beach.
29 Mar 2013
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has issued a final vessel general permit regulating discharges from commercial vessels to protect the nation’s waters from ship-borne pollutants and reduce invasive species in U.S. waters.
28 Mar 2013
The International Civil Aviation Organization has formalized a new project with Indonesia aimed at improved the management and reduction of its aviation carbon emissions.
27 Mar 2013
A Michigan exporter of used computer parts and its owner have been sentenced for trafficking in counterfeit goods and services and violating environmental laws.
27 Mar 2013
The European Commission has launched a €66.7 million (about US$85.2 million) call for proposals to fight road congestion and make freight transport greener in the framework of the Marco Polo program...
26 Mar 2013
FedEx Express has expanded its alternative-energy vehicle fleet with the introduction of 10 new all-electric commercial vehicles for use in Hong Kong.


China finally bit the bullet and issued national rules to curb emissions from ships at its main port areas.

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