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Trucks make an average of 2,300 trips a day through the Port of New Orleans' container terminal.
13 Sep 2016
New Orleans has become the latest US port to launch a program to help drayage truck owners finance replacement of older vehicles with newer, less-polluting models.
10 Apr 2013
The Port of Seattle and its container terminal operating tenants have launched a radio frequency identification tag program in support of the port’s Clean Truck Initiative.
10 Apr 2013
OOCL has ordered 72 battery-powered Terex Gottwald automated guided vehicles, as well as fleet management software and a battery-changing station for the AGVs from Terex Port Solutions.
10 Apr 2013
The Canadian Shipowners Association has expressed concern regarding a permit published by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, saying that it could threaten the commercial viability of...
09 Apr 2013
Newer engines and cleaner fuels have helped reduce total pollutants from port equipment and trucks, according to an air emissions inventory commissioned by the South Carolina Ports Authority.
05 Apr 2013
The Port of Seattle has joined Green Marine, a voluntary environmental program for the maritime industry in North America.


If the shipping industry succeeds in getting the International Maritime Organization to postpone the low-sulfur rule in October, it will prove to be a pyrrhic victory.

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