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SLIDE SHOW: Wind power shipments have emerged as one of the key growth sectors in breakbulk and project cargo shipping.

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14 Jun 2017
The Southern California mayors emphasized that their ports will remain competitive.
05 Jun 2013
Westport Innovations has received an order for four liquefied natural gas tenders from Canadian National Railway.
04 Jun 2013
The Port of Los Angeles will develop an energy management action plan to improve and assess energy efficiency at the container port.
02 Jun 2013
A $1.2 million joint industry project focused on the use of liquefied natural gas on Canada’s west coast is aiming to identify and address barriers for LNG as a marine fuel in Canada.
31 May 2013
The Port of Long Beach this week recognized 20 ocean carriers and shipowners for their efforts to improve air quality by
23 May 2013
The Port of Long Beach and the Port of Los Angeles are seeking information about technologies that could substantially reduce air pollution from main engines on ships transiting to and from the ports.


The California Air Resources Board without public notice adopted a resolution that could undermine the competitiveness of California's ports.

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