Shearer’s Foods Improves Customer Service and Operational Efficiency with HighJump Route Accounting and Mobile Sales Solutions

Shearer’s Foods Improves Customer Service and Operational Efficiency with HighJump Route Accounting and Mobile Sales Solutions

March 23, 2010 09:03 AM Eastern Daylight Time <>
EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn.-- HighJump Software <;;esheet=6223537&amp;lan=en_US&amp;anchor=HighJump+Software&amp;index=1&amp;md5=16e8710a3ff887db82dbfbff9f04b503> , a global provider of supply chain execution solutions, announced Shearer’s Foods Inc. is experiencing improvements across its operations after implementing HighJump Route Administrator and HighJump Route Assistant. The company utilizes the HighJump route accounting <;;esheet=6223537&amp;lan=en_US&amp;anchor=route+accounting&amp;index=2&amp;md5=4467c3fc46a39b11b534eed55> and mobile sales <;;esheet=6223537&amp;lan=en_US&amp;anchor=mobile+sales&amp;index=3&amp;md5=cf7730255087c6d0e47543cc1cce85> solutions to support 100 direct store delivery routes across Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Shearer’s Foods sought to replace its 30-year-old, antiquated system after it became too costly to maintain. The company searched for a next-generation route accounting system to automate its manual processes and provide visibility into its daily operations. Shearer’s Foods selected HighJump Route Administrator and HighJump Route Assistant for the software’s depth of functionality and ability to meet the company’s key requirements.

The flexibility of the HighJump solutions enables Shearer’s Foods to be responsive to customer requirements, including custom invoicing, timely delivery and detailed order history. Shearer’s Foods has also enjoyed greater visibility and accuracy of data and improved sales forecasts and reporting with the availability of real-time data. Communication between the sales team and the back office staff has also improved.

“Shearer’s Foods’ top priority is our customers, and our HighJump solutions enable us to give them the best service possible,” said Scott Heldreth, COO, Shearer’s Foods. “Our management team is thrilled with the level of reporting and detailed information we now have, as we can now make more informed business decisions.”

“Shearer’s Foods is committed to supporting its direct store delivery operations with modern technology solutions,” said Timothy Campbell, President and CEO, HighJump Software. “HighJump Software will continue to stay in-step with food and beverage industry requirements and provide the route accounting and mobility technologies to support them.”

Shearer’s Foods is currently implementing HighJump Performance Advantage, a business intelligence tool that produces real-time and comparative graphical dashboards using industry-developed standards.

About Shearer’s Foods
Shearer’s Foods Inc. is a privately held manufacturing and distribution company headquartered in Brewster, Ohio. Products range from standard and kettle cooked potato chips; tortilla and whole grain extruded chips; and other extruded product such as cheese curls and puff corn as well as other purchased finished goods such as specific specialty pretzels and salsa. The company makes and distributes over 220 million pounds of snack food each year.

About HighJump Software Inc.
HighJump Software is a global provider of supply chain management software that streamlines the flow of inventory and information from supplier to store shelf. More than 1,500 customers worldwide have transformed their supply chains using HighJump Software. HighJump Software solutions for distribution and logistics <;;esheet=6223537&amp;lan=en_US&amp;anchor=distribution+and+logistics&amp;index=4&amp;md5=f964852b971ce58aee03cda6b0d> , direct store delivery <;;esheet=6223537&amp;lan=en_US&amp;anchor=direct+store+delivery&amp;index=5&amp;md5=d7a7ec687fcd290ac4dd996113163eb4> , mobility <;;esheet=6223537&amp;lan=en_US&amp;anchor=mobility&amp;index=6&amp;md5=a5a238f2ccc000dd3952a605402e0918> and manufacturing <;;esheet=6223537&amp;lan=en_US&amp;anchor=manufacturing&amp;index=7&amp;md5=79911b67fd65db0fb7da416a7b2e4165> include: warehouse management systems <;;esheet=6223537&amp;lan=en_US&amp;anchor=warehouse+management+systems&amp;index=8&amp;md5=9> , transportation management systems <;;esheet=6223537&amp;lan=en_US&amp;anchor=transportation+management+systems&amp;index=9&amp;md5=f36ba42c03e> , route accounting systems <;;esheet=6223537&amp;lan=en_US&amp;anchor=route+accounting+systems&amp;index=10&amp;md5=4fe658341d050a1b> , manufacturing execution <;;esheet=6223537&amp;lan=en_US&amp;anchor=manufacturing+execution&amp;index=11&amp;md5=3bad1db4e016f9bfc0> , mobile sales <;;esheet=6223537&amp;lan=en_US&amp;anchor=mobile+sales&amp;index=12&amp;md5> and ERP data collection <;;esheet=6223537&amp;lan=en_US&amp;anchor=ERP+data+collection&amp;index=13&amp;md5=0f00c35b8aa25> . Functionally rich and highly adaptable HighJump Software solutions support growing and evolving businesses in distribution <;;esheet=6223537&amp;lan=en_US&amp;anchor=distribution&amp;index=14&amp;md5=5c5784bd0dd220d449347dc86350ce4b> , food and beverage <;;esheet=6223537&amp;lan=en_US&amp;anchor=food+and+beverage&amp;index=15&amp;md5=35f286e700a7f638c284c92ea0ab12ef> , 3PL <;;esheet=6223537&amp;lan=en_US&amp;anchor=3PL&amp;index=16&amp;md5=33686cbc1473865cb05ad7b54bf35cac> , retail <;;esheet=6223537&amp;lan=en_US&amp;anchor=retail&amp;index=17&amp;md5=0058f90282eab82e542b4ab6e6aec730> , healthcare <;;esheet=6223537&amp;lan=en_US&amp;anchor=healthcare&amp;index=18&amp;md5=349f9e2426a249be580a0a34ed7f9f68> and consumer goods <;;esheet=6223537&amp;lan=en_US&amp;anchor=consumer+goods&amp;index=19&amp;md5=d8227b6f69cfa996197e6d65aeb60fee> industries.

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