IRANIAN SOLDIERS marked the seventh year of war against Iraq last month by marching in Tehran past Iranian President Ali Khamenei chanting, "Death to the United States.

According to the Iranian press agency, Mr. Khamenei told the crowds attending the anniversary that Iran would not consider ending the war unless President Saddam Hussein of Iraq was ousted. Iran also has demanded $300 billion in war reparations.The war must stop. It is not only killing Iranians and Iraqis and putting serious hardships on their economies, it is depressing the entire economy of the Middle East. Trade and commerce among nations surrounding Iran and Iraq is at a virtual standstill.

Unfortunately, President Khamenei has taken such an extreme position that negotiations are nearly impossible. Those nations that support his regime through trade also are responsible for continuing the conflict. They should stop all trade with Iran. Seven years of madness is enough.

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