US Transportation Regulations

19 Jan 2017
From a potential battle over detention and demurrage to the easing of truck regulations, shippers and transportation providers need to keep track of major issues.
McAllister tugs in New York
15 Sep 2016
A federal bankruptcy judge on Thursday denied a motion by several fuel and towing companies to lift the prohibition on them seizing ships operated by Hanjin Shipping.
It is still up for debate what impact the widespread use of electronic logging devices by US truckers will have on capacity.
15 Sep 2016
A Transplace survey of 2,000 carriers shows smaller fleets lagging their larger counterparts when it comes to adopting electronic logging, though about half the companies queried already had ELDs in place.
A maritime security program designed in the wake of 9/11 may not have been as effective as hoped.
12 Sep 2016
Lax oversight by regulators has made it possible that maritime workers with criminal backgrounds are working at US ports.
A lack of standardized data elements is just one of the problems that make measuring port productivity such a daunting task.
09 Sep 2016
Groups like the Advisory Committee on Supply Chain Competitiveness have found a place in the spotlight in recent months as the US government has shown a keener interest in port productivity.
As shippers grapple with container lines, terminals and others to secure their Hanjin Cargo, they may also have to make changes to US Customs documentation.
07 Sep 2016
US Customs and Border Protection is the second US federal agency to issue guidance to shippers and other industry stakeholders after the shipping giant filed for court receivership in Korea and later applied for Chapter 15 bankruptcy in the United States last week.
02 Sep 2016
The US Federal Maritime Commission has provided a template for requests to the regulatory agency for assistance with problems arising from the Hanjin Shipping bankruptcy.
The US Federal Maritime Commission is asking shippers to help it keep predatory behavior that could stem from the collapse of Hanjin Shipping in check.
01 Sep 2016
US maritime regulators are urging shippers to report any unreasonable increases in cost or decreases in service tied to the bankruptcy of Hanjin Shipping.
30 Aug 2016
Opposition to the shipment of liquid radioactive waste from Canada to South Carolina by truck spotlights broader challenge to hazardous materials transportation.
The electronic logging device mandate could create value for smaller trucking companies by enabling better shipment visibility.
29 Aug 2016
A U.S. federal mandate requiring truck drivers to use electronic logging devices by the end of next year won’t necessarily be the harbinger of a long-anticipated “capacity crunch.”
26 Aug 2016
A proposal to mandate speed-limiting technology on heavy trucks would increase demand for truck drivers, U.S. regulators admit.
The Ocean Alliance will get a new 45-day review period from the U.S. Federal Maritime Commission after it submits responses to FMC queries.
25 Aug 2016
U.S. maritime regulators have more questions for the Ocean Alliance.