US Transportation Regulations

27 Jun 2016
The new rule’s rollout is just days away, but guidance from operating ports, carriers, terminal operators and nation states has been variable and prone to change.
24 Mar 2016
Most small trucking operations do not have electronic logging devices or any type of on-board computer, and don’t plan to purchase and install them until a December 2017 deadline draws closer, a survey of 1,300 trucking operators found.
21 Mar 2016
Two German shipping companies have been sentenced to pay $1.5 million after pleading guilty to charges arising from use of a “magic pipe” to illegally dump oily bilge water from the general cargo ship BBC Magellan.
15 Mar 2016
The U.S. Coast Guard shrugged off suggestions that the rollout of a controversial new container weight regulation is mired in confusion and concern at a congressional hearing Tuesday.
SOLAS verified gross mass VGM IMO container weights
14 Mar 2016
A group of 49 shippers associations and supply chain stakeholders is calling on the U.S. Coast Guard to leave unchanged the existing processes for finding and transmitting cargo weight information.
09 Mar 2016
Canadian Pacific Railway officially filed its proxy statement with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Wednesday outlining a shareholder resolution to be considered at Norfolk Southern Railway’s annual meeting this spring. But, the overture merely asks NS shareholders to consider a trust rather than set the stage for control over the NS board.
SOLAS verified gross mass VGM IMO container weights
07 Mar 2016
The U.S. Coast Guard has said it is communicating with the largest global container line group in an effort to hash out the details behind a controversial new container weight rule set to take effect in just 116 days.
04 Mar 2016
The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is proposing a new rule that requires truck drivers to spend more time behind the wheel before they can take their skills tests for licensing and creates another hurdle for drivers who have lost their license for malfeasance to have it reinstated.
SOLAS verified gross mass VGM IMO container weights
04 Mar 2016
A group of U.S. agricultural exporters has endorsed a Coast Guard’s admiral’s view that compliance with international container-weighing rules should be handled as a “business practice” instead of through regulatory enforcement.
SOLAS verified gross mass VGM IMO container weights
01 Mar 2016
The SOLAS guidelines on container weight verification that will be implemented from July 1 are not mandatory, U.S. Coast Guard Rear Adm. Paul Thomas told a packed TPM Conference here Tuesday.
25 Feb 2016
Shippers of agriculture and recycling metal back the potential merger of Canadian Pacific and Norfolk Southern railways, while UPS, other major logistics players, elected officials, municipalities, trade groups and chambers of commerce oppose such a deal, according to an analysis of more than 100 letters written to U.S. rail regulators.
SOLAS verified gross mass VGM IMO container weight
18 Feb 2016
The U.S. Coast Guard Thursday said it will not consider delaying the International Maritime Organization’s controversial new container weight rule and the agency cannot, and will not, hold shippers responsible for not providing container weight documentation to carriers.