US Transportation Regulations

16 Jun 2017
"There is other business pending that must be addressed before the commission can turn its attention to this matter,” an FMC spokesman told
31 Mar 2017
The original rulemaking announcement, however, did not include the new rule’s effective date.
28 Mar 2017
Although the 2M Alliance will launch April 1, the HMM agreement will go into effect as soon as March 30.
24 Mar 2017
The same legislation was introduced once before without ever making it out of the Senate.
23 Mar 2017
The Department of Justice declined to say why CEOs of major carriers were served subpoenas March 15 at the biannual Box Club meeting in San Francisco.
23 Mar 2017
The future of the Compliance, Safety, Accountability or CSA program increasingly is in doubt.
21 Mar 2017
The Department of Justice is targeting a “gray area” between its authority and that of the Federal Maritime Commission.
20 Mar 2017
US authorities capitalized on a rare window to exercise their power over non-US-based companies.
17 Mar 2017
A "technical error" could cut $112 million from federal funding for truck safety enforcement programs, raising the risk of high-cost accidents.
16 Mar 2017
FMC Commissioner Daniel Maffei said he was “disappointed” to learn this week that the 2M and Ocean alliances had decided to forgo emergency funds to protect cargo.
10 Mar 2017
There was some confusion in the days after the rulemaking as to whether the decision impacted general rate increases, allowed carriers to unilaterally and arbitrarily alter service contracts without notifying the FMC or their contract partners, or changed how NVOCCs report rate changes to their customers.
07 Mar 2017
It could be the first of many rollbacks “consistent with recent executive orders highlighting the benefits of reducing unnecessary and costly regulations” under President Trump.