US Transportation Regulations

24 May 2017
The legislation was sought by resin exporters.
26 Jan 2016
The potential merger of Canadian Pacific and Norfolk Southern railways, and the resulting tie-up such consolidation could spur, would shake up the Class I industry — and their shipper customers — to a degree not seen since the Staggers Act of 1980 dramatically reduced the number of major railroads operating in the U.S.
21 Jan 2016
Sluggish economic conditions derailed Canadian Pacific Railway’s domestic intermodal success, pulling down traffic 9 percent and contributing to a 29 percent profit decline.
21 Jan 2016
Global changes in container shipping are confronting the U.S. Federal Maritime Commission with some of the most difficult decisions in its 55-year history. How FMC Chairman Mario Cordero and his four fellow commissioners respond this year and next could determine how the industry deals with carrier consolidation, the increasing influence of vessel-sharing alliances and U.S. port congestion.
20 Jan 2016
Small trucking companies grumble that federal regulation is pushing them out of business, but a new survey shows which states are also making it harder for owner-operators and small fleet operators to keep rolling.
20 Jan 2016
U.S. truck driver hours-of-service rules suspended by Congress won’t be put back in place any time soon, and not without consultation with trucking “stakeholders,” a Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration official told trucking and logistics executives today.
19 Jan 2016
Canadian Pacific Railway has asked the U.S. Department of Justice to investigate a “collective campaign” spearheaded by other major railroads to block its increasingly hostile stock-and-cash bid for Norfolk Southern Railway.
16 Jan 2016
The 10-day shutdown of Land Air Express of New England by federal regulators should sound warning bells for U.S. trucking companies, freight brokers and shippers. If they need additional convincing, the announcement Friday that those regulators aim to simplify their efforts to detect unsafe motor carriers and get them off the road should do the trick.
15 Jan 2016
More than 100 shippers groups urged the U.S. Department of Transportation to drill down on port productivity metrics via a new initiative aimed at helping Uncle Sam better monitor marine terminal congestion.
14 Jan 2016
Canadian Pacific and Norfolk Southern railway would have to convince U.S. rail regulators that a potential merger won’t set off a wave of Class I consolidation in order to get the greenlight, U.S. Surface Transportation Board Chairman Daniel Elliott said Thursday.
13 Jan 2016
A class-action complaint filed with the U.S. Federal Maritime Commission seeks damages for alleged shipping act violations by 10 roll-on, roll-off carriers already entangled in criminal and civil price-fixing investigations.
12 Jan 2016
After a 10-day shutdown by federal regulators, the regional LTL carrier is back on the streets, but is closing terminals in New Jersey to refocus on its core New England territory.