US Transportation Regulations

19 Jan 2017
From a potential battle over detention and demurrage to the easing of truck regulations, shippers and transportation providers need to keep track of major issues.
10 Dec 2015
The American Trucking Associations welcomed a mandate requiring 3 million truck drivers to use electronic logs by 2017, hailing the safety benefits of the technology. Other trucking groups may not be so happy.
10 Dec 2015
U.S. truck drivers using paper logs to record their work hours must switch to electronic logging by 2017 under a new regulation, a step that means big changes for drivers, carriers and shippers.
09 Dec 2015
U.S. lawmakers are expected to pass an overhaul of the Surface Transportation Board, giving the nation’s main freight rail regulator more teeth to crackdown on service issues and boost competition in the industry.
03 Dec 2015
The U.S. Congress is finally moving forward on keeping a better track of port congestion, but how closely they track it, particularly in relation to unionized port negotiations, depends on details to be ironed out over the next two months.
02 Dec 2015
While $10.8 billion in freight project grants within the five-year U.S. highway bill has grabbed the most attention, there are plenty of significant freight-related initiatives, ranging from measuring port productivity to potentially reforming a federal trucking safety initiative.
27 Nov 2015
The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration released on Friday the final version of its coercion rule, the first in a number of regulations that could impact U.S. truck capacity moving forward.
19 Nov 2015
The top U.S. rail regulatory agency on Wednesday gave guidance on when it expect to wrap up the issue of reciprocal switching, and provided a glimpse into the arduous regulatory process facing the potential merger of the Norfolk Southern and Canadian Pacific railways, according to attendees at an industry event.
18 Nov 2015
Several long-anticipated rules and proposals for trucking may hit the Federal Register in the next two weeks, including the electronic logging mandate, a final rule on driver coercion and proposals on carrier safety ratings and truck speed limiters.
05 Nov 2015
The U.S. trucking industry won one battle, but lost another in Congress this week. Lawmakers in the House of Representatives passed legislation that clears the way for teenage truck drivers after killing an effort to increase current limits on truck weight.
27 Oct 2015
The U.S. House of Representatives Tuesday approved a three-year deadline extension for U.S. railroads to install new safety technology, avoiding a catastrophe that railroads have said would cripple the network fluidity intermodal shippers depend on.
20 Oct 2015
Trucking executives fear the potential return of 2013 hours of service regulations suspended by Congress last December, a survey by the American Transportation Research Institute shows.