US Transportation Regulations

18 Jul 2017
A key House committee wants the Department of Transportation to consider delaying its electronic logging mandate, adding more uncertainty to the debate about the regulation, which takes effect in December.
14 Apr 2016
U.S. lawmakers Thursday showed little interest in getting directly involved with the controversy surrounding the SOLAS container weight rule.
06 Apr 2016
Sweeping new food safety rules are moving from the regulatory menu to the plates of U.S. shippers, logistics operators and carriers engaged in food transportation.
06 Apr 2016
The U.S. Congress will look into the impact the global SOLAS container weight rule will have on exporters next week, the latest sign of how some shippers’ frustration with the rule is mounting ahead of the July 1 deadline.
06 Apr 2016
The proposed merger of Canadian Pacific and Norfolk Southern railways has put the chair of the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure at odds with the former ranking member of the committee.
06 Apr 2016
The Federal Maritime Commission has scheduled a two-day summit in May to bring together members of the logistics community to develop commercial solutions to port congestion.
05 Apr 2016
A group of customs brokers and forwarders has urged the U.S. Federal Maritime Commission to ask more questions before granting container lines’ requests to form vessel-sharing agreements for “super-vessels.”
SOLAS verified gross mass VGM IMO container weights
05 Apr 2016
If recent trends are an indication, U.S. importers have little reason to be concerned the verified gross mass declarations of containers will be checked by the U.S. Coast guard when the SOLAS container weight rule takes effect July 1.
01 Apr 2016
When a project shipment includes heavy or oversize cargo, among the first questions asked are: Which roads and bridges can safely handle the loads? And what permits will be needed? Answers can be especially tricky in the U.S., where 50 states and thousands of counties and municipalities issue permits for an ever-growing volume of out-of-gauge shipments.
24 Mar 2016
Most small trucking operations do not have electronic logging devices or any type of on-board computer, and don’t plan to purchase and install them until a December 2017 deadline draws closer, a survey of 1,300 trucking operators found.
21 Mar 2016
Two German shipping companies have been sentenced to pay $1.5 million after pleading guilty to charges arising from use of a “magic pipe” to illegally dump oily bilge water from the general cargo ship BBC Magellan.
15 Mar 2016
The U.S. Coast Guard shrugged off suggestions that the rollout of a controversial new container weight regulation is mired in confusion and concern at a congressional hearing Tuesday.