US Transportation Regulations

26 Aug 2016
A proposal to mandate speed-limiting technology on heavy trucks would increase demand for truck drivers, U.S. regulators admit.
01 Jun 2015
The political courage and compromise displayed in the early 1980s is in short supply now on the Hill, leaving transportation providers and shippers to pick up the bill for higher shipping costs incurred through congestion.
MSC Fabiola in Long Beach
28 May 2015
Shipping lines and terminal operators at California’s major ports urged the state Air Resources Board to change the way that regulators look at goods movement before finalizing its Sustainable Freight Strategy that will govern emissions from vessels, trucks and trains over the next 35 years.
22 May 2015
A bill introduced in the U.S. Senate would set national standards for shippers and third parties contracting or hiring trucking companies, complementing legislation in the House. Shippers and brokers want clarity, especially in courtrooms where they face negligent hiring claims.
Port of New York and New Jersey, Maher Terminals
21 May 2015
Demurrage and per-diem detention fees at gridlocked U.S. ports have turned into a multimillion-dollar hot potato. Cargo interests, truckers, ocean carriers and marine terminals are locked in noisy, seemingly nonstop argument over responsibility for the fees. It’s a complex problem with no easy solution — but plenty of finger-pointing.
20 May 2015
Marine terminal operators, warehouses and truck facilities in California could be called upon to manage harmful emissions under the California Air Resources Board’s proposed Sustainable Freight Plan, according to a shipping industry representative.
20 May 2015
A former U.S. Labor Department chief economist is advocating placing unionized port labor under the Railway Labor Act to prevent showdowns with management such as the recent one that nearly crippled West Coast ports.
08 May 2015
The U.S. Surface Transportation Board has announced plans for two public hearings on the country’s railways, a sign the federal agency is amping up efforts to address shippers’ frustrations with rail pricing.
07 May 2015
The World Shipping Council urged the U.S. Federal Maritime Commission not to apply a broad regulatory brush to highly specific disputes over demurrage and detention fees for late pickup or return of containers at congested ports.
29 Apr 2015
Non-vessel-operating common carriers are asking the U.S. Federal Maritime Commission to lift “unnecessary, burdensome rules” governing their contracts with shippers.
Port of Los Angeles, January 2015
28 Apr 2015
Cargo interests urge the Federal Maritime Commission to take action against carriers and marine terminals that assess late charges for the pickup and return of equipment when the shipper’s ability to comply with the demurrage and per-diem requirements is compromised because of terminal congestion.
27 Apr 2015
The trial of Thomas Farmer, a former Crowley Liner Services executive accused of antitrust conspiracy, has entered its third week in U.S. District Court in San Juan, Puerto Rico.