US Transportation Regulations

16 Jun 2017
"There is other business pending that must be addressed before the commission can turn its attention to this matter,” an FMC spokesman told
11 May 2016
A group of 19 container lines has announced a plan to ease the concerns of U.S. exporters over liability when it comes to SOLAS.
SOLAS verified gross mass VGM IMO container weights
06 May 2016
The U.S. Coast Guard’s announcement last week that it wouldn't object to two alternative methods of verifying container weights set in motion a high-stakes game of chicken between carriers and exporters. It is also fueling a fight among ports seeking to present themselves as the most user-friendly to shippers struggling to comply with the new rule.
04 May 2016
Two additional groups of vehicle shippers have filed class-action complaints seeking double damages for alleged shipping act violations by 10 roll-on, roll-off carriers involved in criminal and civil price-fixing investigations.
03 May 2016
The U.S. Federal Maritime Commission is levying the collective experience of the private sector to fight congestion at U.S ports.
03 May 2016
In the U.S., the spring of 2016 isn’t a bad time to be a shipper. Sure, there’s the SOLAS problem, but soft demand combined with excess capacity on land and sea and low fuel costs is pushing down transportation costs and giving shippers more bargaining power in annual contract bids, whether in the trans-Pacific maritime trade or U.S. domestic truck lanes.
20 Apr 2016
A major U.S. exporter on Thursday urged Congress to send the Coast Guard back to international authorities and request clarification on a new and controversial container weight rule in order to avoid severe port congestion. The Tyson Fresh Meats executive said the rulemaking process was kept under wraps and made without input from shippers.
18 Apr 2016
Canadian Pacific Railway might still make another play to acquire a Class I railroad. But if Chief Executive E. Hunter Harrison wants to succeed where he has failed twice before — with CSX Transportation in 2014 and with Norfolk Southern Railway this year — he’ll need to take a more diplomatic approach to sway legislators, regulators, shippers and shareholders, rail analysts told
16 Apr 2016
The number of deaths on U.S. roads caused by fatal crashes with large trucks dropped 5 percent in 2014, ending a four-year increase, the Department of Transportation said Friday.
14 Apr 2016
U.S. lawmakers Thursday showed little interest in getting directly involved with the controversy surrounding the SOLAS container weight rule.
06 Apr 2016
Sweeping new food safety rules are moving from the regulatory menu to the plates of U.S. shippers, logistics operators and carriers engaged in food transportation.
06 Apr 2016
The U.S. Congress will look into the impact the global SOLAS container weight rule will have on exporters next week, the latest sign of how some shippers’ frustration with the rule is mounting ahead of the July 1 deadline.