US Transportation Regulations

26 Oct 2016
US ports could be an unexpected beneficiary of the historic settlement between the US government and German automaker Volkswagen.
05 Aug 2015
President Obama has nominated Scott Darling to helm the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. And it looks as though Darling will have an easier go of it than his predecessor, given his relative popularity in the industry and the fact that he’s already helmed the agency for a year as acting administrator.
03 Aug 2015
Hawaiian shippers frustrated with high freight rates had their hopes for change dashed last week after a U.S. federal court rejected their bid to strike cabotage provisions from the U.S. Merchant Marine Act.
31 Jul 2015
The U.S. congressional watchdog’s conclusion that the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has limited ability to evaluate its controversial hours-of-service rules fuels the fight between the top U.S. trucking lobby and the U.S. Department of Transportation.
safety on the roads
24 Jul 2015
Trucking in the U.S. was deregulated, in economic terms, in the 1980s and 1990s. When it comes to safety, however, trucking is more regulated now than it has ever been. Truck safety rules are reshaping how trucking companies operate and serve shippers, and carriers, drivers and shippers alike will face more regulation soon.
23 Jul 2015
The 2M shipping alliance between Maersk Line and Mediterranean Shipping Co. can expand its vessel-sharing agreement on U.S. trade lanes connecting to Israel, Russia and Saudi Arabia after a 45-day review expired Thursday without U.S. Federal Maritime Commission action.
16 Jul 2015
Port of Los Angeles staff is recommending that the port authority embark upon a five-year action plan to advance the development of zero-emission technologies for use in marine terminal yard tractors and for short-haul drayage to off-dock facilities such as intermodal rail yards.
14 Jul 2015
The U.S. Federal Maritime Commission is considering formation of an industry advisory council to discuss port congestion, and said a starting point might be demurrage and per-diem detention fees.
11 Jul 2015
The U.S. Federal Maritime Commission has issued an order forcing ocean carriers to provide critical data and information needed to monitor a FMC-authorized agreement formed to fight West Coast port congestion. The agency is also putting on hold an attempt to expand the discussion agreement, known as the Pacific Ports Operational Improvement Agreement.
10 Jul 2015
A U.S. district court has ruled that federal law precludes Massachusetts from regulating transportation rates, routes and services by requiring express-delivery drivers to be company employees.
06 Jul 2015
A U.S. Department of Transportation study couldn’t conclude whether heavier trucks impact highway safety, but it did find they would not significantly impact intermodal conversions.
30 Jun 2015
The U.S. Department of Transportation is under renewed pressure to overhaul its key truck safety initiative after a 2014 study only recently made public found the program’s safety metrics don’t always align with the real risk of accidents on the road.