US Transportation Regulations

22 May 2017
Such a move already has support on Capitol Hill, where lawmakers have been weighing options to strengthen Federal Maritime Commission safeguards against collusion among carriers in the world’s three major VSAs.
07 Mar 2017
It could be the first of many rollbacks “consistent with recent executive orders highlighting the benefits of reducing unnecessary and costly regulations” under President Trump.
28 Feb 2017
Shippers’ efforts to push the FMC into a rulemaking relies on antiquated evidence that predates the advent of containerized shipping, carriers said.
17 Feb 2017
More than 60 trucking groups joined to ask the new US transportation secretary to immediately rescind a key rule in the Compliance, Safety, Accountability, or CSA, initiative.
16 Feb 2017
There is some contention over how much support the rollback has among shippers.
08 Feb 2017
“I’m concerned about regulations, but is the economy generating freight — that is the big question.”
08 Feb 2017
The US Surface Transportation Board, the top rail regulatory agency, proposed a new rule in July that would permit so-called reciprocal switching. Now, however, the proposed rule might be derailed even before it leaves the station.
02 Feb 2017
Shippers and intermediaries could deflect tens of millions of dollars of detention and demurrage fees.
31 Jan 2017
Customs and Border Protection proposed on Jan. 18 to revise almost 30 interpretative rulings on the Jones Act.
30 Jan 2017
President Trump's move raises questions about whether other rules might also be delayed or entirely derailed.
30 Jan 2017
Michael Khouri has consistently encouraged supply chain stakeholders to seek commercial solutions.
19 Jan 2017
From a potential battle over detention and demurrage to the easing of truck regulations, shippers and transportation providers need to keep track of major issues.