International Transportation Regulations

07 Jul 2014
Forwarders remain unimpressed with new European Union air cargo screening regulations that have been in effect for a week, although no major disruptions have been reported.
22 Jan 2014
Gauging whether China will allow the proposed P3 Network is complicated by the opaqueness of Chinese regulatory procedures that often lead to proposals being rejected less on legal grounds and more on the government’s interest in protecting state-owned industries.
Chinese currency
22 Jan 2014
SHANGHAI — China has clarified its new value-added tax on logistics services to allow second-tier forwarders, not just those who sign contracts directly with the carriers, to deduct payments of the tax imposed Aug. 1.
07 Jan 2014
The P3 Network is likely set for smooth regulatory sailing in Europe and the U.S., but it’s unclear what Chinese regulators have in mind for the alliance involving the three largest global container lines.
19 Dec 2013
SHANGHAI — The Chinese government appears to have leveled the playing field for foregin shipping companies and forwarders in terms of its new value-added tax on logistics.
18 Dec 2013
P3 carriers are betting their proposed network if allowed to proceed in the spring as planned won’t draw the ire of European Union antitrust authorities long after deployment.
Two figures meeting in private
13 Dec 2013
WASHINGTON — The Federal Maritime Commission will hold its regulatory summit focused on carrier alliances on Tuesday in Washington with its counterparts from the European Union and China, but the majority of the summit won’t be open to the public.
11 Dec 2013
WASHINGTON — The Chinese government is expected to clarify its position on the valued-added tax on logistics services that has confused shippers and transport providers since it was imposed Aug. 1.
09 Dec 2013
U.S. and Chinese shipper groups are urging their respective regulators to block the proposed P3 Network, arguing the top three global container lines will reduce competition by controlling too much capacity on major trade lanes.
03 Dec 2013
India’s port regulator Tariff Authority for Major Ports has again deferred its decision on a proposal to increase service rates at the Port of Jawaharlal Nehru until Dec. 31, citing “continuing delays” in procedural requirements that are to be complied with by the port authority.
03 Dec 2013
Federal Maritime Commissioner Richard Lidinsky said the agency will soon stop the clock on its review of the proposed P3 Network, giving him and fellow commissioners enough time to meet with European Union and Chinese regulators on Dec. 17 before determining whether to block the plan.
02 Dec 2013
The Federal Maritime Commission will host European Union and Chinese regulatory officials later this month for a summit on the proposed P3 Network alliance involving the world’s three largest container lines.