International Transportation Regulations

05 Feb 2016
Indonesia is expected to continue to disallow majority foreign ownership of its ports when it releases a revised version of its list of limits on foreign participation in the economy due to be issued in the coming week.
04 Feb 2016
The Indian federal government on Wednesday approved a proposal allowing the Ministry of Railways to set up joint ventures with various state government agencies for the development of rail infrastructure projects in the country.
03 Feb 2016
The SOLAS requirement that all packed containers must have a verified gross mass (VGM) before being loaded from July 1 sounds reasonable and straight forward, but parties within the export supply chain of a container are finding that compliance will depend on a sharp revamp of their internal processes.
02 Feb 2016
E-commerce ocean freight booking service Inttra, container lines and forwarders are working to create processes for a new type of form that will allow shippers to electronically send the verified gross mass of their container shipments to carriers in an attempt to eliminate a potentially huge bottleneck to trade once a new global container weight requirement takes effect in July.
29 Jan 2016
The main ports of China’s Yangtze River Delta will introduce compulsory emissions reduction requirements from April 1 this year with non-compliant ships potentially facing fines of up to $15,000 under national air pollution laws.
26 Jan 2016
When a container without a signed weight declaration shows up at a marine terminal as of July 1, when a new SOLAS rule takes effect, what happens next? Will the terminal allow the container in, hoping that the weight will arrive in time for the container to be handled and loaded without having to be pulled aside? Or does the terminal avoid the risk, telling the carrier and its customer that containers without the Verified Gross Mass won’t be allowed in under any circumstances?
25 Jan 2016
The support of China’s state-owned energy companies is central to the success of plans by the central government to reduce the output of emissions from ships that pose a danger to public health in the vicinity of its major ports.
25 Jan 2016
A seemingly widespread lack of clarity in China surrounding the implementation of the new container weighing requirements does not bode well for the global regulations that will become law in just five months and apply to every container loaded on to a ship.
19 Jan 2016
European cargo terminal operators today called on their national governments to clarify regulations requiring all containers to be weighed before they are loaded onto ships.
13 Jan 2016
Asia’s shippers are beginning to devote more time and energy to understanding the new global container weight rule that will be enforced from mid-year, but it is no easy task to assess what the regulation will mean to their supply chains.
28 Dec 2015
China’s Ministry of Transport has fined eight international container lines a total of $169,000 for failing to meet the freight rate guidelines set by the ministry.
27 Dec 2015
Overweight containers have blighted the maritime sector for decades, leading carriers and terminal operators to take steps to reduce the number of overweight containers they handle, to say nothing of the looming verified gross mass mandate that takes effect in the summer of 2016.