US Transportation Policy

10 Feb 2017
Very little is known about Trump’s $1 trillion infrastructure plan.
18 May 2016
The U.S. is forced to look elsewhere for funding.
02 May 2016
Marine highways, or container transport via inland and coastal waterways, have had a rough go in the United States, but the U.S. Maritime Administration says it has learned from missteps.
26 Apr 2016
The U.S. Senate on Tuesday unveiled a bipartisan waterways bill that could give a boost to efforts to deepen harbors in the U.S. Southeast before the much-anticipated arrival of mega-ships in their waters.
19 Apr 2016
Department of Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker said she is committed to working with ports, beneficial cargo owners and transportation providers to improve the global competitiveness of U.S. ports, with the first task being to promote better sharing of transportation data.
15 Apr 2016
In an unsurprising but welcome move for U.S. ports pursuing major harbor deepening projects, both houses of the U.S. Congress this week pushed forward legislation that would exceed White House and congressional targets for port funding.
14 Apr 2016
The U.S. government should concentrate harbor deepening funds on the most important gateways instead of scattering limited resources across multiple projects, said Curtis Foltz, CEO of the Georgia Ports Authority.
11 Apr 2016
A new U.S. Department of Transportation push to promote coastal and inland waterway container services has come despite signs that such efforts have a poor track record.
06 Apr 2016
Federal investment is expected to fall nearly $130 billion short of the investment in land- and waterside infrastructure ports will make over the next five years, according to a survey of members of the top port lobby in the nation.
03 Mar 2016
The largest global container line group is asking the head of the U.S. Coast Guard to clarify its position on the SOLAS container weight mandate after a rear admiral said the rule was a commercial, not a regulatory, matter, an interpretation the World Shipping Council says flies in the face of the rule set to take effect in just 120 days.
02 Mar 2016
The National Industrial Transportation League has named Jennifer Hedrick as executive director, replacing president and CEO Bruce Carlton who is retiring, but will remain involved with the largest U.S. shipper group as a consultant.
26 Feb 2016
Backers of U.S. highway and freight projects looking for a little help from Uncle Sam are eyeing $800 million in federal grants made available Friday through the government’s first-ever program dedicated to speeding up the flow of cargo.