International Transportation Policy

 An on-strike container-truck driver pulls over his truck in a street during the protest at Canada Place in downtown Vancouver, Canada, March 21, 2014. Photo by Xinhua/Sipa USA/Newscom.
25 Mar 2014
The provincial government of British Columbia was making progress today on implementing a back-to-work bill designed to end a crippling truckers’ strike that is now in its fourth week at Port Metro Vancouver.
04 Jun 2013
The Indian union government has issued a decree calling on national security agencies to expedite approvals for port development projects being implemented under the public-private partnership model.
28 May 2013
The International Civil Aviation Organization has confirmed that it received a letter from Qatar advising the United Nations agency that it has decided to withdraw its earlier offer to become ICAO’s new permanent seat.
28 May 2013
The European Association of Operators of Toll Road Infrastructures and the International Bridge, Tunnel and Turnpike Association have signed a global joint tolling declaration to support a wider application of tolling policies...
24 May 2013
European dock and transport union leaders voiced concerns that a plan to reform European ports will threaten jobs and working conditions in pilotage, towage and mooring.
23 May 2013
The Port of Rotterdam said the European Union’s proposal to appoint a supervisor for ports in every member state will increase bureaucracy on the waterfront.
23 May 2013
The European Union is sending a strong signal that it intends to improve service standards and efficiency at ports to spread traffic more evenly across the European waterfront and ease congestion.
26 Apr 2013
Qatar has presented the International Civil Aviation Organization with an offer to serve as the new permanent seat of the United Nations agency.
22 Apr 2013
The International Civil Aviation Organization and the International Air Cargo Association have signed a declaration of intent to strengthen their cooperation on technical matters.
Port of Chennai, India
17 Apr 2013
Ongoing congestion at India’s gateway Port of Chennai is continuing to drive demand for alternative port options on India’s east coast.