United States Trade Policy

24 Jun 2015
The U.S. Senate Wednesday voted to renew trade promotion authority for the first time in nearly eight years, setting the stage for the a Pacific Rim partnership that some have heralded as the largest trade pact in history.
12 Jun 2015
The U.S. Congress stymied President Obama’s trade agenda Friday, after the House of Representatives failed to approve a key portion of a trade package that would have given Obama the ability to fast-track trade deals, including a high-profile treaty with Pacific Rim nations.
15 May 2015
After a false start earlier the week, the U.S. Senate Thursday voted to open the debate on legislation to renew expired trade promotion authority.
16 Apr 2015
New legislation unveiled Thursday would give U.S. President Obama “fast track” authority to negotiate an ambitious trade accord with 11 other Pacific nations and set the course for what will be one of the toughest battles of the president’s last 19 months in office.